Stephen Jazdzewski

Born  : November 22nd 1963.
Status: Divorced
Middle: Arthur
Resume: Resume Other : Student Pilot, Ski, Saxophone & Writer at Large.

Claims to fame

  • 2002 Founder Chromadyne Technologies, Inc. Not a Fabless Chip Company.
  • 2001 Founder Celerence Technologies, Inc. Fabless Chip Company, now closed.
  • 1996 Help start Geocast Network Systems, now closed.
  • 1995 Started Cool Jargon of the Day, listed in PC Computing's best of the InterNet.
  • 1992 Owner Business Innovation Technology, Inc.
  • 1987 Owner Jaski Reasearch Group, Inc. Gaming systems and Lumber Wholesaler Software. Well, until the Spotted Owl troubles.
  • 1982 Co-Founder Eltronix Computer Corporation AKA Eltanon with Mark Peting.
  • 1981 First employee of Central Point Software. They made Copy II+ and PCTools. I was the only one of the original three founders who actually lived in Central Point Oregon. Helped port Peachtree Accounting software to the Apple II, and ported "Osborne's 101 Basic programs" to the Apple II for sale via mail order.
  • 1981 Voted Associated Student Body President of Crater High School, Central Point Oregon.
  • 1978 First person to purchase an Apple II computer from an Oregon dealer. Paul Lutus was the first person in Oregon to have one.