Vancouver/Camas Software & Database Development

Focus on Test Driven Development (TDD) and Data Modeling

Claims to fame

  • 2002 Founder Chromadyne Technologies, Inc.
  • 2001 Founder Celerence Technologies, Inc.
  • 1996 Help start Geocast Network Systems.
  • 1995 Started Cool Jargon of the Day, listed in PC Computing's best of the InterNet.
  • 1992 Owner Business Innovation Technology, Inc.
  • 1987 Owner Jaski Reasearch Group, Inc. Gaming systems and Lumber Wholesaler Software.
  • 1982 Co-Founder Eltronix Computer Corporation AKA Eltanon with Mark Peting.
  • 1981 First employee of Central Point Software. Copy II+ and PCTools.
  • I was the only one of the original three founders who actually lived in Central Point Oregon. Helped port Peachtree Accounting software to the Apple ][, and ported "Osborne's 101 Basic programs" to the Apple ][.
  • 1981 Voted Associated Student Body President of Crater High School, Central Point Oregon.
  • 1978 First person to purchase an Apple ][ computer from an Oregon dealer. Paul Lutus was the first person in Oregon to purchase one.